Services for the Healthcare Industry
Healthcare products are fairly optional consumption goods. They locate at the higher level of people's consumption after meeting basic material needs. 
The healthcare industry is characterized by both high ATV and repurchase rate. Driven by the rising economic income and an aging population, the industry has more room for growth and is a high-quality track for the future businesses. 
China's healthcare industry is undergoing tremendous changes. It is vital for foreign companies to accurately leverage the emerging channels such as e-commerce, private domains, dedicated supermarkets, etc., secure customers  in high-growth premium niche categories, 
develop R&D to offer better products, reach consumers through efficient and accurate marketing campaigns, and equip themselves with the ability to enter different realms crossing their original categories. 
At the same time, compliant access is particularly important for cross-border healthcare products. 
Top Ideal pays constant attention to the national regulation of healthcare products. We are highly professional in the customs clearance of healthcare products, which helps our clients sell their healthcare products in China as early as possible. 
At the same time, we conduct in-depth study in the domestic market and consumption channels, provide refined operations for healthcare brands by formulating brand strategies and carrying out platform operations, and apply a full set of tactics to helping clients achieve sales targets in China. 
We provide one-stop brand marketing, distribution and cross-border logistics services for our clients in the healthcare industry, offer value-added services within warehouses such as traceability and dust-free processing, and create customized solutions for the entire chain of business flow, goods flow, capital flow and information flow. 
Services and Advantages
  • Brand cross-border e-commerce
    We provide one-stop cross-border e-commerce services covering brand strategy, brand marketing, distribution and platform operation to help a brand enter the Chinese market. 
  • Value-added services within warehouses
    We have a high-standard temperature and humidity control bonded warehouse and a 100,000-grade dust-free workshop, which provides a hygienic and safe processing environment for healthcare products, and our Nansha heavy package warehouse supports a variety of value-added services. 
  • Favorable geographical locations for logistics
    Nansha bonded warehouse lies within the proximity of Hong Kong and Macao, which constitutes a geographical advantage and makes re-export logistics more convenient; Top Ideal central warehouse is linked to all online shopping platforms and allows for global distribution, so as to facilitate flexible allocation for different business forms. 
  • Efficient trade compliance:
    Top Ideal is familiar with general trade and cross-border e-commerce businesses, re-export businesses, with rich experience in services for the healthcare industry. We own a professional customs clearance team with AEO senior certification to enable easy and fast customs clearance. 
  • Visible information management
    Professional information traceability service featuring "one item, one code", boosts consumers' confidence. Digital system supports business operation with business data boards and enables two-way information collaboration.
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