Services for the Food & Beverage Industry
Currently, China has become one of the largest markets for imported food and beverages. 
Statistics show in 2021, China's food imports reached USD 135.46 billion, a year-on-year increase of 25.4%, with a market retail scale of roughly RMB 1.6 trillion. The CAGR over the past 10 years has reached 13%. 
On the one hand, innovative, green and healthy food and beverages become popular among domestic consumers. The imported food industry needs to keep pace with the changing market demands and constantly upgrade their products. 
On the other hand, with the rapid development of the Internet and the e-commerce industry, e-commerce platforms will become an important channel for consumers to buy imported food. These platforms will come to dominate the imported food market. Hence channel development and localization remain key areas for the industry to make breakthroughs. 
Therefore, the emphasis on food safety, R&D investment, channel operation, and the building of a supply chain system is believed to be the future direction for industry development. 
The growth of the imported food market has also forced import traders to lower the costs along the supply chain and deliver imported food to domestic consumers with faster and more efficient services. 
Top Ideal formulates solutions for food and beverage import tailored to the client's needs. We provide professional import and export customs clearance, multi-channel goods distribution, personalized brand marketing services, efficient logistics synergy, and specialized brand services.
Services and Advantages
  • Professional import and export customs clearance
    Top Ideal provides professional import and export customs clearance services to ensure compliant import of food and beverage products and minimize time spent on transportation with efficient logistics services. 
  • Personalized brand marketing
    Top Ideal can design personalized brand marketing services tailored to the needs and features of the brands to help their owners quickly expand the market. 
  • Multi-channel commodity distribution
    Top Ideal provides multiple e-commerce channels, designs targeted operation and sales strategies, allowing brands to reach consumers directly and enhance their sales.
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