Services for the Prepackaged Food Import Industry
Companies engaged in prepackaged food imports are subject to stringent supervision policies in access qualifications, certificates of origin and other supporting documentation, Chinese and English labeling, goods inspection, etc. 
Clients in the industry have set high timeliness and safety requirements for food transportation, import customs clearance, storage and shipping. 
Top Ideal provides clients with a set of customized solutions along the supply chain of food imports, including import customs clearance, inspection and quarantine certificate issurance, product labeling, and professional food-grade warehouse storage. 
We can complete services such as product labeling, subpackaging, assembly, and repackaging, and also offer food-grade urban delivery services and drop shipping services, among others.
Top Ideal ensures smooth logistics and commercial flow for clients, lowers their logistics and capital costs, tremendously reduces the time spent in the imports of their products, and boosts the goods turnover rates. 
Services and Advantages
  • Comprehensive logistics services
    Top Ideal can provide full-process logistics services including international logistics, import customs clearance, diversified warehousing, national distribution, etc. At the same time, we offer personalized logistics solutions as per individual needs. 
  • Sufficient space and various routes
    Top Ideal has sufficient freight space to meet the needs for different sea routes, and also offer ocean freight LCL service to save your shipping costs. 
  • Professional customs clearance and license application agency
    The team of customs affairs experts offers professional consultation, license application and customs clearance services for food imports to achieve worry-free import clearance. 
  • Nansha's superior location and high operation capacity of the new warehouse
    Located less than 100 km from the frozen goods distribution center, the Nansha cold storage warehouse boasts a total of 54 operating platforms, providing loading and unloading, freezing, and value-added services.
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