Services for the Baby & Mom Industry
In comparison with other consumer goods industries, the baby & mom industry is usually considered to have fast user iteration and short consumption life cycle. 
In the context of declining demographic dividend and unsustainable traffic-based growth model, the baby & mom industry is facing various challenges in the sustainable development, of insufficient growth momentum for the overall demands and limited space for a single vertical market. 
Leveraging the dividend of a smaller quantity with higher quality, digging deeper into the value of an individual customer, and integrating multiple channels will hold the key to sustainable growth for baby & mom market players. 
At the same time, the baby & mom market has many subdivisions with a wide range of categories. As the babies grow, the core demands of the babies and moms for products will also change, so the protential for category expansion is huge. 
In the user's life cycle, brand owners need to design more customized and refined products and services tailored to the needs of the babies and mothers at different stages to enhance user stickiness and thus increase the value created by individual customers throughout the whole life cycle. 
To secure the emerging baby & mom market, future industry players must focus on in-depth insight acquisition, product design refinement, integration of omnichannels as well as online and on-site integrated layout, etc. 
Top Ideal provides clients in the baby & mom industry with visible and efficient supply chain solutions covering brand distribution, private domain operations, compliance consulting, storage and distribution, etc., helping baby & mom brands achieve global distribution.
Solutions and Advantages
  • Storage and distribution services
    We provide full-link transportation services such as bonded warehousing, sorting and agent shipping, cross-border customs clearance, logistics and distribution, offer multiple constant-temperature warehouses to provide a high-quality storage environment for products, and monitor the transportation quality after the goods leave the warehouse to ensure a sound delivery. 
  • Brand distribution services
    We provide cross-border e-commerce bonded import businesses for online purchase, helping brand owners directly reach out to their consumers, secure a bigger market and promote their sales through region-wide distribution and a marketing model involving brand positioning, marketing plan, and distribution channels. 
  • Private domain operation solutions
    We provide comprehensive services integrating online mall construction, data analysis, operation support and commodity traceability, activate consumer big data through S2B2C mode such as community marketing to open up customer acquisition channels and improve traffic monetization. 
  • Digital system management
    Top Ideal's system is linked to the Global Traceability Center, making the entire chain of commodity information visible to boost consumer confidence. We have achieved digital management and visible and controllable logistics chains through the automatic task allocation of the system, tasks such as customs affairs, in-warehouse operations, and transportation. 
  • Compliance consulting services
    A team of customs affairs experts collects and analyzes information for clients, provides trend analysis, new policy analysis and thematic consulting services based on the characteristics of brands or products, and facilitate the global customs clearance for brand owners.
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