Services for the Chemical Import Industry
Unlike goods in other industries, most chemicals are flammable, explosive, poisonous, corrosive or radioactive. 
Therefore, more attention needs to be paid to the safe transportation and storage of chemicals. Higher safety requirements and stronger regulatory constraints are in place for the services along chemical supply chain. 
In addition, service providers must strike a  balance among safety, efficiency and affordability in the chemicals industry as they continue to play a crucial role in facilitating the efficient flow of chemicals between manufacturers and consumers at lower costs. 
Besides, the industrial chains for chemicals tend to be long with complicated workflows. Different products have various characteristics and needs. As a result, companies generally face many challenges during chemical imports, such as more time-consuming customs inspection, difficult coordination of hazardous chemical transport resources, complex cost settlement at the ports, and uneven warehousing resources. 
Based on the characteristics of the industry and client needs, Top Ideal provides one-stop services of customs clearance, storage, shipping and resource integration. 
Our professional team guarantees timely services, and enables simultaneous customs clearance and pickup. All services are provided at a fixed lump-sum price with easy settlement and high cost-effectiveness ratios. 
Services and Advantages
  • Fast customs clearance for compliant goods access
    We judge the entry conditions of goods in advance, pre-examine the materials, and enable compliant entry with quick license application. 
  • Hazardous chemical transportation under full-process monitoring
    With over 100 transportation routes in Huangpu/Nansha, we provide efficient transport services from port to warehouse/warehouse to warehouse, and conduct real-time monitoring throughout the entire process.
  • Comprehensive storage resources
    We have all chemical qualifications and three major monitoring systems to ensure cargo safety, and provide diversified warehousing services.
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